Music is what life sounds like.

- Eric Olson


The Salett Art Center, Inc. started in 2011.  We saw that there was a need especially among underserved communities to be exposed to the history of Jazz, Blues, and Negro Spirituals.  We started providing jazz appreciation in underserved communities and to our delight many of the students embraced the culture and history we presented to them. We have also found that the music education we provide motivates students to strengthen their literacy skills.


To provide hope and inspiration through various educational music programs. Providing a culture of learning, inspiring creativity, and personal development which will enrich the quality of the musical lives of our youth.


We offer programs for After School Programs and Summer Camps to provide jazz appreciation sessions. These sessions include live music, learning jazz history, jazz songs including the blues. We teach kids the theory behind writing the blues, allowing them to write their own blues and record onsite. We demonstrate various rhythms and teach improvisation. The length of our summer sessions are customized to the group for which we are providing the sessions. For extended programs we offer keyboard classes, which include sessions on jazz theory and performance.

Our online program LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD is designed to uplift the spirit and inspire creative writing.  At the end of the program we provide a viritual recording of your short stories, songs, rap and more.  Currently all classes are held on zoom.

Some of our partnerships have included The Safety Club of Raleigh, NC, North Carolina's Central University's Jazz Dept (NCCU),and The Heart of Carolina Jazz organization and Strategic behavioral Center. Our annual jazz competitions were held at NCCU and included a judge panel consisting of educators and professional jazz musicians.  


Lydia Salett Dudley is a jazz pianist, vocalist, and composer living in the Raleigh Durham area.  She received her graduate degree from North Carolina Central University. She has taught music to youth of all ages for 20 plus years and has recently worked with a at risk school for teens. She incorporated songwriting as a tool to cope with depression, anxiety, and other challenges youth face today.  The goal is to inspiring youth to dream through music expression. 


Some of her music accomplishments include, her first single 'GREEN' which was released in 2008. Her composition 'SUNSETS' was featured on UNC- Chapel Hill's project TENOR VIBE in 2010. She self-produced several other projects including; Jazz Standards in 2012 and Jazz Xpressions in 2018.  Her cd "This is Christmas" was released in November 2019 and latest  single "Whatcha Gonna Say"  released in July 2020.  Her music can be purchased at